Social Media Consultation

What is Social Media Consultation?

Our social media consultant specializes in educating companies about social media opportunities, and how social media can have a positive effect on their business. He will develop  plans that include complete social media strategies,  monitoring analysis, social media marketing campaigns and customer engagement programs. Our social media consultant helps companies identify areas for brand development and ways to increase sales.

Our specialist  has an in-depth knowledge of different social media services, how to use them effectively, and a variety of tactics that make engaging in social media more productive and efficient.

Why 831 Web?

At 831 we are continually thinking up and using  new and existing concepts and technologies  in Social Media. We are continually undergo training and have a strong background in all areas of marketing communications, given content is such a key part in making social media work well. Services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and Facebook are just a few tools to drive business your way. Without good content, your social media program is likely to fail.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring provides customers the insights to understand and engage with the social media landscape.   Monitoring helps you see social media lets you see who your customers are, what they like most, and how effective your different strategies are.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the business related function of managing multiple social media channels for the purposes of marketing communication, reputation management, and customer acquisition or sales generation. Whether you simply need us to help your business put a social media strategy in place, or if you require us to manage your whole online marketing strategy, we can do it.  We  work with our clients, based on their individual business objectives to increase brand awareness and sales.

Contact Us For Free Social Media Consultation

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